We recommend that you get as much private practice as possible. After all, the more practice you get for free will mean the less money you have to spend on lessons!

Yes, you read it right. We are more than happy if you reach the standards quickly. Our main aim is to put safe drivers on the road, not to become millionaires.

Where possible, get your parent/supervising driver to speak to your Instructor about what kind of practice to do. Better still, see if your parent etc can sit in the back of the car and observe the odd lesson. Our Instructors are among a few that encourage this.

Be guided by your Instructor. If you are working on a particular task, your Instructor will advise you to practice certain aspects of this task.

If you get some valuable practice done, you might be able to get the task signed off on your next lesson.

Be aware that some road laws have changed over the years. You might have a parent tell you that what you have been taught is wrong! Talk to your Instructor about this incase it is one of the laws that have changed since your parent learnt to drive.

Drive as often as possible, even if it is just five minutes to the shops. Apart from getting extra experience, you need to record a minimum of 75 hours of driving practice before you can get your P’s. Every five minutes helps.

Comprehensive Road Education Lessons

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