Instructor Advancement

How Darren Davis can help you.

Darren Davis has been involved with Teacher Training for nearly a decade.

With the study of how adults learn, Education Psychology, Teaching Strategies in Adult Education and many more aspects of teaching, Darren has been able to use his over sixteen years of Driver Training experience to create training sessions for even the most experienced Instructor.

Darren became a very successful Instructor Trainer in the UK Driver Training Industry which is renowned to be one of the toughest in the world.

One of the most impressive areas of his teaching is his ability to show teachers how to change and adapt their teaching styles to suit different students. Darren believes that as teachers, we should “Teach the way a student learns, rather than expect every student to learn the way we teach.” In other words, he feels it is vital that teachers realise that all students will learn differently and the more we can adapt to the individuals, the better impact we will have on their learning experience.

Darren Davis has helped advance many Instructors here in South Australia. Some Instructors may feel that they already know everything. That is a very unhealthy attitude for a teacher. Think about children’s schools. The teachers have many training days to help advance various aspects of their teaching. Driver Trainers should be no different!
Whether you are a One Person Driving School, a Franchisee or work with a number of different Driving Schools, Darren Davis can help with your on-going Professional Development.

Comprehensive Road Education Lessons

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