We will pick you up from home, school, work, or wherever you need to be picked up from (within reason) as long as it is organised in advance. Obviously, if you normally have lessons in Hallett Cove for example, we might not be able to pick you up from Moonta!

The normal way is to pay as you go. Instructors don’t have credit card facilities so cash, cheque (check the full name of the Instructor) or money order is OK.

Yes. You must not wear shoes that are loose around the heel part of your foot. It could get stuck under your foot or pedal. There is also an insurance issue. If you have an accident and the Police spot that your footwear is not appropriate, your insurance could be voided.

Yes. Just add $30 for each extra half an hour that you do.

This is the most common question and it is also the most difficult to answer. The amount of lessons you will need will depend on;

– How much you can do already
– How much of a natural driver you are
– How frequently you have lessons (one hour every two weeks will not get you there very quickly)
– What kind of practice you get between lessons.
– THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. HOW OFTEN YOU PRACTICE. If you are taking longer to learn things it could be
that you need to drive more frequently in between lessons.

Only if you have completed the CBT course or passed a VORT

Only once you have recorded  a minimum of 75 hours supervised driving. You can finish your CBT Course or take a VORT but can not get your P’s until you have the hours recorded and held your Learners Permit for at least 12 months. Please refer to for details of exceptions.

Comprehensive Road Education Lessons

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