Fuel Saving

Darren Davis has appeared a number of times on Channel 7’s Today Tonight. His last appearance featured Darren and Triple M’s very own Cosi from the Breakfast show.
Darren assessed Cosi’s driving and gave him some valuable tips on how to save fuel.

Cosi was impressed with some of the “Common sense” points that were made. He also felt that not only will he save fuel in the future, but the driving tips that he received will make him a better and safer driver.
All drivers can benefit from driving slower, keeping further back from the vehicle in front and having a more defensive attitude on the road.

One of the most common responses to our training with experienced drivers is that they didn’t realise how far ahead they should be looking! (As far as you can see).

By driving with your new advanced skills, you will definitely save money on fuel and will have less chance of being involved in a crash that could cost you thousands.
Another real benefit to come from our sessions will be that you will reduce wear and tear on your car. We can show you how to drive your car in a way that will not put unnecessary strain on certain parts of your car.

Comprehensive Road Education Lessons

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