Our Advanced Driving Courses are very different to most. We believe that our courses should be tailor made for the individual driver. All courses are ON-ROAD. This means we do not set up traffic cones (witches hats) in a car park where a false environment is created.

Our main aim is to help drivers improve on their observation and awareness skills as well as showing them methods that will save fuel, save wear and tear on the car, and also to be able to avoid those crashes or near misses that we see every day on the roads.

We do not use “skid pans.” Skid pans are a very false indicator of control as it is very different controlling a skid in a large car park than controlling a skid on a tight bend on a real road. Our emphasis is on skid avoidance. It is 100% safer to not skid than to skid and try to control it.

The Darren Davis “Positive Driving” techniques focus on being positive with our minds when driving. Approaching traffic lights is an example of this. Instead of thinking “I hope they don’t change” or “They might change,” we should be thinking “They ARE going to change.” That way we are planning for it and we can avoid those awkward moments of not knowing whether to brake or go through when the lights change as we approach them.
Everyone should give our courses a go. We believe that if every driver advanced their skills, the roads would be a lot safer.


Our prices are the same as Learner prices. This again is where we are different. As qualified drivers, why should you pay more for the lessons than Learners! There is no fee up front. You can pay as you go.
1 ½ hour session = $90.00
2 hour session     = $120.00


Can I do the sessions in my car?
Yes. You can do the sessions in your car or our training car. Most people prefer to use their own car as they are used to it.

How many sessions will I need?
This depends on how good your driving is already, how well you respond to the training and how much you practice the techniques between sessions.

Will doing this really save me money?
Absolutely! You will notice savings on your fuel bill. You will also use the car more efficiently which will reduce wear and tear on parts such as brakes, tyres etc. Also, driving safer reduces the risk of you being involved in a crash which could result in costing thousands of dollars.

What about other drivers? I still might have a crash because of other drivers’ mistakes.
That is correct. However, our techniques will give you the skills that could help you read the situation earlier and anticipate other drivers doing the wrong thing.

Comprehensive Road Education Lessons

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