Darren Davis has been involved in the Driver Training industry for over 16 years. He started out as a Department of Transport Qualified Instructor in the UK. Darren’s student pass rate was in the top 5% of the whole UK before he changed his career to be an Instructor Trainer. By the time he left the UK to move to South Australia, Darren was regarded as one of the most sought after trainers in the South East of England. He also trained Instructors for the Government.

As well as his Advanced Driving and Driver Training qualifications, Darren has studied and passed a number of Adult Education courses including The Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. Darren achieved this at Greenwich University in London. Part of this course was the study of how adults learn, and how to train teachers to teach them. This means that Darren not only knows how to teach, he knows how to teach his Instructors the best methods of teaching.

Darren Davis has the unique combination of a vast amount of experience as a Driver Trainer, and a vast amount of knowledge of various teaching and learning methods.

Darren is passionate about driver safety and has been involved with some of the state’s top politicians in trying to form safer road and training legislations.

Darren is a Board Member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (SA) and he is used frequently as the driving expert for Channel 7’s Today Tonight.

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